Roller skating games for kids is considered very good sports activity for kids.

Roller skating games is a fun activity that is appropriate for many different age groups. Unlike rollerblading, roller skating games wheels are thick and have a side-by-side position, which gives them more stability. Younger children usually have an easier time balancing on roller skates than they do on rollerblades. Roller skating games is an activity in itself and it can be fun to simply skate around a track or driveway. However, there are a number of games that children can play on roller skates that are lots of fun as well as easy for parents to organize.

Roller Skating Games for Kids

Roller Skate Relay

Relay races are even more fun on roller skates than they are in sneakers. To organize this game, parents simply need to draw or mark out a small track with passing points and find batons to pass around. Relay racing involves two or more teams of three or more players, who pass the baton from team member to team member as they race to the finish line.

Roller Skating Games for Kids

Roller Skating Games for Kids

Kick the Can

This variation on tag can work on roller skates game. However, kicking an actual can is a bit tricky on skates and can be dangerous. Kids’ feet can slip out from underneath them as they try to kick. Instead of a can, parents can place a lout bell or horn on a table in place of the can. The game itself is fairly simple. One player serves as “it” and tags the other players.After players get tagged, they have to go to a corner that serves as a “jail.” If a player rings the bell or honks the horn without getting tagged, all the players in “jail” get to go free. If the person who is “it” catches all of the players, he or she wins. This game also works in teams. In this case, the first team to catch all of the other team’s players wins.

Roller Tag

The classic playground game of tag works very well on roller skates. Participants can play in an empty parking lot, roller rink, or gymnasium. Most kinds of tag work well on skates, including classic tag and freeze tag. Parents should closely supervise tag games although they are fun and fairly safe, kids can get a little bit enthusiastic and move too quickly or forcef

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a version of hockey without an ice rink. Participants play on a flat, dry surface like a gym floor, parking lot, or empty street, and wear roller skates or rollerblades to glide across the floor or pavement. It is a great game for kids who love playing hockey in the winter months. Aside from kids’ roller skating gear, participants need two nets, hockey sticks, and a tennis ball to play. Roller hockey is best suited to older kids who already know how to play hockey, but younger children can still practice taking net shots.

Musical “Chairs” on Skates

Musical chairs is a great game for young children, and the roller skate version is no different. In this version, players stop on spots marked on the pavement or floor instead of chairs. Parents should use chalk to mark out these spots and wash them off one at a time as the game progresses.